Monday, April 2, 2012

Catching up

Wow, It seems like ages since I updated, and that's because it has been ages! There is a huge difference between being in a hotel room with time to kill and being home, with no time to kill at all! Once I have a minute to myself, I have so much to do that there seems to be no time to sit and write.

I re-discovered my love of writing while I was in China, and have promised myself that I will begin to do some writing every day...starting today! Life at home with 5 kids under the roof, and two away, is certainly a hindrance to sitting and putting thoughts together, but it sure gives me plenty to write about.

First of all, update on Maeleigh. I can hardly even remember a minute in the last month that she has not been smiling or happy.She seems to be sucking up all the business and hustle and bustle around here. She is slowly picking up English, but we communicate very well with a mixture of sign language, Chinese and English.The main thing is that she is relaxed and laid back about it, so she does not get frustrated or upset. She started school a few weeks ago at our local middle school. We were concerned about dropping her into the middle school, but our concerns were not warranted. Everyone there has been more than awesome, and she is like a celebrity there. the kids all want to help with her book bag, and they set her up with a great group of kids, and she does ESL every day with the sweetest teacher. We could not have asked for a more perfect place for her, and we know that God has, once again, answered our prayers as we prayed for her to have a great place for school.

Matt and I traveled up to Vermont to go to Mick's Fire and Rescue Banquet. As many of you know, Mick has been an EMT for a few years and he works at the college-run Fire and Rescue, and drives the ambulance there. We are so proud of this kid, and Mick gave a refelction at the Prayer service that had the whole crowd (even the dads) in tears as he spoke of the reasons they do rescue. These college kids man the resuce 24-7, give up holidays and breaks, and are literally saving lives and helping not only the college community, but surrounding towns in the Burlington area. Just about a week ago Mick's team saved the life of a man, 56, who had a heart attack. Mick hit the paddle that brought the man back, and two days later the doctors placed a pacemaker in his heart, and he walked out of the hospital. Mick and his team received a Code-Save medal for saving his life.How cool is that?

In a few weeks, Mick will turn 22. Twenty two years ago, on April 18, Michael Sean Roberto was born, after a total of 40 hours of labor. Back then there was no protocol for Beta strep infection, and I got it. They did not detect it until my water broke, and within a few hours, I had a fever of 102 degrees. At some point, I began to lose my hearing as my body was beginning to shut down. Matt was told that they would lose both the baby and myself if they did a C-section, and that I had to deliver vaginally if there was to be any chance of saving us. Matt, who was a coach for many years, knew that he had to keep me awake and alert, and had to make me deliver the baby. So, the more I moaned and groaned, and faded into unconsciousness, the more Matt 'yelled' at me, teeth gritted, in my ear...saying words that aggravated m enough to be mad at him, but he knew I they would get me aware. "I don't want to hear you moaning," I remember him saying. "Breathe, dammit, breathe!" Somehow, truly through the grace of God, and Matt's instincts, I could hear only 2 voices: Matt's and my nurse Kelly. I can still see my OB and the neonatologist standing near my bed talking, but I could not hear them. Finally, Mick was born, and once the placenta was delivered, I became fully conscious and aware. The infection went through the core of the placenta, so once it was out of me, I was fine. Mick, though born with the infection in his spinal fluid, left the hospital 7 days later, completely unscathed. Now, almost 22 years after he was born, he is saving lives and making a difference in the world. We could not be more grateful for this amazing young man, and we thank God for him.

Another event this past week (can you see why I do not post too much) is that Sophie made her 1st Penance. She was so nervous! She did an amazing job with examining her conscience and is beginning to see that her actions and behaviors have meanings. We had the Penance service with other deaf children, and the kids were able to do their penance with deaf priests. Sophie will be making her 1st Communion on Easter Sunday, and my dad, who is a Catholic Deacon, will give Sophie Communion for the first time. What an awesome blessing that is.