Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Le Sorelle Jewelry...

"China Sister" bracelet (Triple seed bead wrap,  $25.00)  
We are excited to share with all of of you our exciting fundraiser to help us to bring Maeleigh home to her forever family!
    The girls and I have been working very hard at developing a line of bracelets and wraps to celebrate Maeleigh's adoption, and to help us to raise some funds to bring her home.

    Anyone who has adopted internationally knows the fees that are involved with completing the home study, dossier, and the travel expenses. One friend said to me, when we were discussing how much it costs "Mair, that is really a financial burden for a family." Many would think it a 'burden' but those of us who adopt know that we do so because our children are waiting for us...and so the burden is not so great. And since most families who adopt do not have the extra money in the bank to do so, many fund raise to help with the costs.

 Since the reality is that fees must be paid,  we thought we would present some fun bracelets, made by the girls, in honor of their new sister. The name "Le Sorelle" means "the sisters' in Italian,  a fitting name for a family endeavor, and especially fitting for Maeleigh as she becomes a 'sister' for the first time.
  Each bracelet is handmade with silk thread, and seed beads or gemstones. Buttons are chosen to coordinate with the bracelets, but cannot be custom ordered since we buy a variety of buttons. We will be posting more bracelets as we make them. Please be patient with shipping as we may have to custom make your bracelet. We are making each of the girls and Maeleigh a 'sister' bracelet to join them together as she waits for us. Our "China Sister"(above) bracelet is perfect for the newly adopted sister, for sisters and mothers at home, and even for special nannies or foster mothers.

   Click on the button to the right for secure ordering. Thank you for your support. Happy shopping~

Double gemstone wrap, specify color, $20.00
Triple gemstone wrap, specify up to 3 colors, $25.00
Triple  wrap, seed bead, specify up to 3 colors $25.00
Double gemstone, specify up to 3 colors, $20.00
Single, gemstone and seed bead, $15.00
Single gemstone, specify up to 2 colors, $15.00
Seed Bead bracelet, specify up to 3 colors, $20.00

Double seed bead wrap, specify up to 3 colors, $20.00


  1. Hi MaryAnne! This is Joanna from the Weiman house hold. I am home now and was checking out your blog and just NEEDED to tell you... MaeLeigh is BEAUTIFUL!! I can't wait to see her in your arms! Congrats!! Wow I love adoption!

    Thanks again for all your help while I was in PA. I'm glad I was able to meet you. Your cool, and that is coming from a teenager! ;)

    Hope all is well with you.

  2. I tried to order three bracelets but the website said they weren't available. Can I still order them? Please let me know :)