Saturday, November 5, 2011

Update, fundraising, and LOA, oh my!

Wow, so much going on! First of all, we have launched a new fundraising project with Adoptionbug to sell T-shirts! We are so excited, because Adoptionbug gives us a commission towards our many expenses to get Maeleigh home, and they do the orders, shipping, etc, which is a major time saver for us.

  A thought about fundraising for adoption...some people 'frown' on families fundraising for adoption. They feel that if you are going to adopt, you should have the money for the fees in the bank, or coming to the bank, and ready to go. If only it was that easy! For those of us who have adopted once, let alone now 3 times, we know that money is an issue, sometimes an obstacle, and often a major worry with an adoption. But at the end of the worry is the knowledge that your child is waiting, and fees must be paid, travel arrangements made. We make do, work extra hours, and pinch pennies.

We decided to fund raise by selling things people can use, rather than just asking for donations.While donations are happily accepted ;) we wanted to offer friends something to purchase that would help us to pay for some of the fees.

We are thrilled to have a 'store' with Adoptionbug. Click on the link to the right to enter our 'store'. When you purchase one of the shirts, we will get a direct commission. With the holidays coming, perhaps there is someone on your list who might want a great shirt that celebrates families and adoption, and help bring Maeleigh home at the same time.

We are continuing our jewelry fundraiser and will be posting pictures of the bracelets we have to help to expedite shipping. Click on the link to the left to order bracelets

We also have a book sale fundraiser at on the link to enter mt store and search for any books you might need. Also, great gift ideas, and all books are very reasonably priced!

We received our LOA  a few weeks ago, so now waiting for the next round of paperwork to be approved. Each setp is one step closer!

Last, but not least, we received an updated picture (above) of Maeleigh, along with her measurements. She is almost exactly the same height and weight of Sophie! Sophie is so excited about that! We were hoping to bring Maeleigh home before Christmas, but it looks like it will be after the holidays at this point. Whatever the timing, we are getting ready!

Thank you for all your love and support. More updates to come!


  1. Do the ornaments on the site if I click through the link count towards your fundraiser too?

  2. Hi, Mary Anne,
    My name is Elaine and I was a PT at the TJ orphanage 1999-2000, working for ICCO. I was there when Wu Shuang (as I knew her) came into the orphanage. She quickly became my favorite and I would take her home on weekends so she could experience life outside the orphanage. She was very dear to me. I haven’t had news of her since I visited in 2005 (I left China in 2000 and now live in CA). I have thought of her often over the years and imagined a not very bright future for her so I am so happy to know that she is doing well and thriving and that she will be adopted. You could tell she was a bright child even when she was little. I would love to be in touch and share stories and pictures from that time if you are interested. I look forward to reading in your blog about how you found Wu Shuang. My email is