Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My AH...or "Amazing Husband"

I wanted to spend a minute to thank my AH_Matt. In adoption groups and blogs, husbands are often referred to as RH, or Reluctant Husband. Women often talk about having to talk their husbands into first one, perhaps a second or third adoption. Since all of us reach the decision to adopt differently, this is perfectly fine, and natural.
With Matt, however, I think and pray long and hard before I talk to him about the children we have decided to adopt. Why? Because as soon as I say a word about the kids that I am thinking about it, considering it, etc., he is ready to go...without a backwards glance. Most people think that I am the one who moves quickly in the decision making process of adoption, but the opposite is true. I take time, think, pray, and worry about all aspects of adding another child to our family, caring for another human being for all of my days...and often wake up at night and think "No, really, Lord, you can't be asking me to do this again? Surely you are thinking about someone else..."

When it becomes apparent that indeed, God is asking us to do this, I broach the subject with Matt. After a second of "How will we afford it?", he jumps right in. When I told him about WuShuang, he said simply "Let's get her."

How blessed I am to have this man as my husband, to have him by my side to be my partner and my best friend. He works hard and is dedicated to all of us, and he makes me laugh every day. I can truly say he is the love of my life, and I am so lucky to have him by my side.

The day before my birthday I came home to this beautiful bouquet of flowers. It was honestly the most beautiful arrangement I have ever seen, let alone received! I thought Matt spent a fortune on it, and in fact, he put it together himself, with this sentiment:

21 Carnations for the Birthdays I missed with you
29 Daisies for the Birthdays we had together
7 Baby's Breath for the Children we have given LIFE to 
Ferns and greens for the life you have given me
Tulips and Pom-Poms because Purple is your birthday color
A spray of roses because 3 roses together mean "I Love You"

How blessed I am...thanks for loving me, Matt


  1. You do have an AH! I love hearing about guys like that and I hope to raise my sons to be AH's. My husband has certainly been an RH at times but he also listens when God speaks and I am blessed to have him. I would be the one to take on too much if my DH wasn't around to slow me down.