Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Stitches and stones...

Well, it has been an 'exciting two weeks! Two Sundays ago, Shane, being Shane, was wrestling with the kitchen stool, a new and exciting activity he discovered. He climbed under the stool, tipped it to the side, and then as it slipped he tried to grab it and it fell. He scraped his head on the screw and needed stitches! Matt and I took him to the ER and he did so well, considering, poor guy. While they were doing the stitches, we had him bundled in a sheet, I was lying on the bed holding him, most of my body covering his, Matt was holding his feet.  Matt and I sang over Shane's crying "Hey, Shane, don't be afraid..." (to the tune of Hey Jude). By the time they were finished, the nurse was saying over and over "You guys are amazing..." and Matt and I just laughed! Just proves my theory that there truly is a Song-For-Every Occasion, and an Occasion-For-Every-Song!
To add to the fun, last weekend I was rushed to the hospital for a kidney stone and had a procedure done on Saturday to remove the lodged stone. So not fun! I was expecting to feel better by now, but still a bit down and out, so I am exploring new and different things like sitting on my couch and watching some tv...not something I do too much these days. Getting caught up on adoption paperwork and reading, and getting the rest I need to feel better. 
On a happy note on the 27th we celebrated Sophie's Family Day...3 years since she came home. What an amazing transformation in 3 years. She has grown  14 inches, gained more than 40 lbs, and has matured so much! She looked like a pre-schooler 3 years ago, and now looks like a pre-teen. How does that happen? Regardless, she has progressed in so many ways, and one of her favorite things to say now is "Are you kidding me?" That's what I say when I see how much she has changed!

 Happy Family Day Sophie WuMei!

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