Friday, December 2, 2011

Getting closer, and new pictures.

Not at all shy in front of a crowd!

She always has that big smile.

The kids performed for the fundraiser! Look at those two cuties next to Maeleigh, especially the little guy!

So many children without families
From the beginning of our adoption process, more than 5 years ago, we have been blessed with so many pictures of each of our kids.Families who go before who get pictures of your child, in Sophie's case, we had Pam who sent us many pictures, and now with Maeleigh we have a wonderful woman, Jenny, who works for an international agency and sees Maeleigh often.She and I email, and she lets me know how Maeleigh is doing. She sent me these pictures the other day that were taken at a fundraiser for the kids at the orphanage. She said the kids had a great time and were dancing with the band.

We found out that our Article 5 will be picked up on December 9th. for those not in the process, we are getting very close to travel, but it will not be before Christmas.We were so hoping to have Maeleigh home for Christmas, but it is not to be. So, now we are just hoping to be able to travel before Mick and Sarah go back to school for their Christmas break so Matt and I can travel together, even if part of the time.

Christmas shopping has begun in earnest, and I was awake last night with Shane (something new and different!) and I got this intense feeling of nesting, like I needed to begin packing and preparing for Maeleigh. We will be sending her a package for Christmas so that she can feel a apart of a family this year for the very first time at Christmas.

Much to do...thanks for all your support. Don't forget about our jewelry and tshirt fundraisers! Great Christmas gifts!

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