Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What child is this?

We are fully into the season of great joy and hope, the season of Christmas. As we approach the joyous holiday, in the midst of shopping and decorating, we remember the reason we celebrate Christmas. I love the old Christmas carols, just love them, and could listen to them all day. One song that always brought a tear to my eye, but now even more so, is "What Child is This?" Since adopting Sophie, when I hear this song, I think of all the orphans being abandoned every day, thousands of them, being left alone, left to hope for a family. I think now of Maeleigh, who has waited more than 13 years to know that she will be a part of a family, and who will once a gain miss Christmas with them. I think of the children ignored and forgotten, and how much we are not doing to help them.

Adoption is often difficult, and is always a financial issue. My experience is that families who adopt do not have lots of money, and often go into debt in order to do so. Is it smart financially? No. Does it make more financial sense to invest in your 401 K or add to your savings account? Sure does. But then, really what are we asked to do in our lives? Not all of us are asked to adopt, I know that.It is not right, not feasible, for every family.But we are all asked to do the things we need to do to live the life that is meant for us.

As Christmas comes closer, we have lots of ideas for Christmas gifts for your family and friends. The links on the right will take you directly to our tee shirt fundraiser from Adoptionbug.com. There are shirts for all family members, not just adoption shirts. Your support helps us directly as we gather together the necessary funds to finalize our adoption of Maeleigh. This is a time of great faith as we are all challenged financially, and pulling together this money is absolutely a leap of faith. There is no price tag, however, to giving our daughter the family she deserves, and for getting her as soon as possible. For other adoptive families, we know they feel the same way, and so we do what we do.


Thanks for all of your support. We are waiting on our Travel Approval (TA) which should come in a few weeks, slating us to travel after the New Year! Not in time for Christmas, but not in our time, as we are always reminded.

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