Sunday, January 8, 2012

Art Sale

20"x16"-Print from original: only 2 available!

$60.00-24"x18 1/2"- Print from original, only 2 available!

$40.00-20" x 16" Print from original, only 3 available!         

     We are proud to show you the pictures painted by our Sarah, who is now a Sophomore in college. Sarah painted these pictures in high school and displayed them at a school art show/fundraiser. Not only did Sarah sell all the originals, but she got so many orders for the pieces that people were willing to buy prints. We had the prints professionally done on high quality paper,and Sarah has given  us the extra prints to help us bring Maeleigh home.
     Use the donate button on the right to order. In the note section, specify which print you would like. We will ship the print to you so put your address in the note section or send it to me by email. Thanks!

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