Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Picturing the past...Picturing a new life

Maeleigh soon after going to the orphanage.

How tiny she was!   

Reading a recent letter we sent her...perhaps picturing her new life.

I love her hair!        
    I opened my email this morning to find the baby pictures, above, from Elaine, who was the Physical Therapist who had worked with Maeleigh when she first arrived at the orphanage in 2000, when she was around 2 years old.Elaine used to take Maeleigh home with her on the weekends so that she would see what life was like outside the orphanage. Oh, my goodness, she was so adorable. We are so grateful to the many people from Tianjin International Committee for Chinese Orphans who have helped Maeleigh, and so many other children, to this day.

     The other day we were treated to the pictures of Maeleigh reading her letter from us. as we get closer to getting Maleigh, my heart is with her at the thought that she would be worried about us, worried about her new life. I think of my Shannon who is just a year older than her, and wonder how Shannon would feel about being taken away from the only life she ever knew, to be whisked into a world with a different language, culture, food, customs. Oh, my, my heart breaks for her. I hope she can feel our love from across the wold...I hope she can trust that we want the best for her, that we will make it work for her, no matter what.

     Asking for prayers for these weeks ahead as we prepare, and Maeleigh prepares. I know that in the end the prayers will be what gets us through.

I will be booking our flights today, and we are continuing our fundraisers! Check out the bracelets and art prints we have for sale!!!! Check in later this week for a special Valentine's Day bracelet special!!!

Thanks for your support!!!

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