Tuesday, March 20, 2012


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I will add some of the pictures from our trip here and there on this blog, and the add new ones as we go.

We have been home almost 2 weeks now, and things could not be any better.Maeleigh is so happy to be here, and if she misses her life, she is missing it quietly. I am sure she misses the many people who loved her, but she is so happy and busy, she doesn't have much time to think about things.

Tomorrow she will start at our local middle school. We looked into many options for her but in the end decided that she should at least start at the middle school to get the help and support she needs. They have been wonderful and will be ready to greet her tomorrow morning. She will ride the bus, and then I will put Shane on the bus and will drive over to the school. Once she gets acclimated, she will do fine.They will work with her on ESL, and get her adjusted to her new life.

At home, she is loving having so many sisters around, is getting used to Shane and his shenanigans, and is having fun with Sophie. She has discovered Hannah Montana on Netflix, so Shane is going around humming "You get the best of both worlds..."(sorry if that tune sticks in your head all day. Welcome to my world!

I am taking advantage of another day home, making stew, baking bread and pound cakes, and cleaning my house! Life is good.

Thanks again to everyone for following along with me on my trip, and for everyone who supported us to give Maeleigh a forever family!


  1. I LOVE the picture of your family and I am so glad things are going well! We have been praying for you guys and the girls are asking about you lots :) You are missed.

  2. What a WONDERFUL photo of your WHOLE family! Congratulations on your new daughter! I thoroughly enjoyed following your journey and prayed for you and your family often!

  3. Love the family picture! Oh it is just SO good to see your girl HOME. She is beautiful! Congrats!