Saturday, July 14, 2012

Eight is Great

Here we go, yet again! Home now 4 months and for the most part, settled in, we are ready to share our news with everyone. About a year ago, when I was looking at the website of the organization that helped Maeleigh with surgery, braces and crutches, I saw a little boy who was featured on their site. My heart stopped when I saw his face and watched the video of an adorable little boy, laughing and giggling, splashing water on his nannies as he played outside.He walked confidently down the steps, the same steps we walked down when Maeleigh left the orphanage. He played in the same courtyard we walked through when we left, the same one Maeleigh turned to look at, one more time, as she left the only home she had known for all of her life. Here was a little boy who has no future in a country that does not educate children with challenges, but who leave them to sit and wait for the off-chance someone will find their file, look at their picture, and decide to take the leap, again, to add another child to their family. When I saw the video of our 'little guy' as we have been calling him, I knew he was our child. We talked to our social worker and discussed adopting 2 at once, but we knew we could not afford the fees for two children, and we were very worried about adversely affecting Maeleigh's adoption. We spent hours thinking and praying about it, and in the end decided to wait. We did not even know if Maeleigh knew him, and what we found out is that not only did they know each other, but they have lived in the same small group of children for the past 4 and half years, since he came to the orphanage. Maeleigh has loved and nurtured our 'little guy' since he came in as an infant, and then within a year lost one eye and quickly the other to retinoblastoma, or cancerous tumors in his eyes. When we met Maeleigh in China, I had asked if we could meet our little guy. We had put in the paperwork for two children when we applied to adopt Maeleigh, so China knew we were getting him. Much to my surprise, he suddenly appeared. He came in the room and he began to talk, and talk, and talk! They translated for him and he was so awesome. He walked into the room and said "Hello, Mama, where is Baba? He told us he wanted to go 'to the States' with WuShuang. I gave him some Braille books, and manipulative toys, he was interested in everything I brought for him, and loved the Braille alphabet book. He was most impressed with the large bag of candy we brought with us for the other children. We talked with him and I was able to get a good idea of what he is doing and what his level of skills is. What a far cry from Shane and his lack of skills when we met him almost 3 years ago. So, we are going down the road yet again. It is crazy, it is exhausting, it is wonderful. Giving a child a home and a family is awesome.Welcoming that child into your heart is a blessing.We are finishing the paperwork, applying for grants, and will be doing more fundraisers as we pray for the money, yet again, to come. We were so blessed with the generosity of the people who helped us to adopt Maeleigh, and we are looking forward to someday helping others as well. Here are more pictures we have been able to get of our Vincent!


  1. Woohooo!!! He is so beautiful and I can't wait for you to go get him! Love your faith and willingness to step outside the boat! Your CRAZY and I love it!!

  2. Just came over from one of the yahoo groups. What a beautiful child. So excited for you.

  3. Hi ! I know your little guy. I've lived in Tianjin for 9 years and have been a volunteer at the O here that many years. What a special little guy "Vincent" is. I was with Megan last Tuesday in the English class and was delighted and so impressed at Vincent's English ability...and his joyful spirit. You are blessed to welcome him into your family.

    1. Marilyn, I am just now reading this. So happy that you know our Vincent. We are so excited that he will be joining our family. Please tell him we can't wait to have him home!

  4. Maryann! Our 4 year old Jessa (Jia Zhao Wei) is there too! I was looking at this site last night and I think this is your boy??