Thursday, November 8, 2012


The last few weeks have been full of preparing for us. We have been preparing for Hurricane Sandy, and were out of power for about 4 days. We were fortunate that while we had a very large branch fall on our house from a tree in the back, everyone is safe an unharmed. The storm hit many people in neighboring New Jersey, so our hearts and prayers go out to all the people who lost so much in the storm.
This is a picture of all the kids (plus Meg's college roommate who rode out the storm with us)eating a pizza dinner after our neighbors loaned us a generator for a few hours. Don't be fooled by the brightness of the was pitch-dark in the room except for a few candles on the table. The only one who didn't mind the power outage was Shane!
The tree limb shook the whole house and made us very grateful that more of the tree did not fall!

We muddled through until Thursday of that week with no power. When the power finally came on, Maeleigh yelled "Thank God!" not bad for being here 7 months!


We are also getting closer to preparing for Vincent. we have our NVC cable and we are moving along to getting ready to travel. The next post will be for a fundraiser for goat milk Soap. Stay tuned!

This was hanging off the roof....we were so lucky it was not larger, and did not cause damage!

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  1. Thank God is right - that was a big branch! So excited to hear about the NVC cable :)