Saturday, November 10, 2012

Goat Milk Soap Fundraiser

This is the first of our fundraisers for Vincent. We were so blessed to have so many people help us with Maeleigh's adoption, and to be honest it is difficult to begin the fundraising process again. People do not always understand that you need to fund raise to afford an adoption. Many people think that you should have the money before you begin the process.It's just not that way. What I know is that we have been asked to do these adoptions, and with them come the fees that are needed to pay for the services.

We are still selling bracelets, and I will post a new link to the bracelets.We are also doing a goat milk soap fundraiser. I bought some of these soaps to help another family bring their daughter home, and I loved the soap so much that I decided to do a fundraiser for Vincent. These are awesome stocking stuffers and they make great teacher gifts as well.

Thank you in advance for helping us to bring Vincent home!

Click on the Soap button to order your Goat Milk Soap.If you are local, we can save shipping and I can arrange to bring you your order.


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