Saturday, February 5, 2011

...if anyone had ever told me...

... if anyone had ever told me we would be adopting our third child, I can honestly say, I would not have been surprised!  A couple more, and I WILL have my baseball team.  I just have to figure out where they're all gonna play!  Shane will be the toughest, since he will not want to ever put the ball back into play...  I thought we were happy before, that was nothing compared to our lives now.  Some days (and nights) it is absolute madness... nothing worse than going to work on 3 or 4 hours sleep... but, when you see how happy these kids are, it makes up for everything.  Lucky for me, I married the woman I did... she is certainly doing her best to keep me young!  When I hear people talking about their problems, how they are going to figure out where to go on vacation, which new car they are going to buy, I actually feel sorry for them.  Those things will never buy them happiness.  I don't mean to say we ARE trying to buy happiness by adopting these little rascals, but, knowing you have made a difference in a kid's life kind of makes you feel good.  Like maybe there's a real reason we're here, other than just trying to make it through another day.  Whatever it is, I'm glad it's with Mary Anne, and these 6, I mean 7, kids.  The only thing I really have to figure out is, did I help them, or did they help me...?



  1. This post made me smile! So wonderful to read these words from a dad's perspective! Congratulations on your beautiful family!!


  2. Matt (and Mary Anne) -

    I smiled too when I read it. It's nice to read your perspective too. You guys do have an amazing family - so excited for all of you. As always, let me know if I can do anything to help you along your journey.


  3. Stopped by from the adoption CP yahoo group. Congratulations on PA. She is beautiful!! And it sounds like she will fit perfectly into your family!!

    We have 3 from China and in a few short weeks, 2 more from Bulgaria (one has CP). One of our daughters is a "Shuang" also..her middle name is now ShuangFu :) Our most recent child from China came home at 10 yrs old and it now 12. It's a much different transition then with the younger ones, that's for sure! Prayers for speedy paperwork!!! God bless, Jennifer

  4. this post made me cry, you couldn't have put it any better. there is truly a reason that we are here, to love. wow, thanks for posting from a dad's perspective