Friday, February 18, 2011

Thirty-six moons....or 3 years since "Gotch Day"

Thirty six moons have passed since the day we met our Sophie WuMei, and I decided to post the poem I wrote for her before we traveled to get her. The picture of the moon was taken over the Great Wall...the same moon that we see looks over the children in a  land where there are so many tears shed for the children who are left...where families often leave their children out of love, and desperation, not out of thoughtlessness or selfishness. 

As I celebrate this day in my heart, I also know that somewhere in  China a woman mourns the curly-haired, spirited, loving child she left  in a noodle factory on a warm April day. If I could tell her, I would thank her for this child, for her stubbornness that perhaps she got from her father, her amazing sense of humor that might resemble her mother's. I would promise her that she will always be loved and taken care of. I would tell her how amazingly bright and courageous she is, that she can hear now, and one of her favorite things to say is "Are you kidding me?" I would tell her that she loves having a family, and loves being able to say "I Love You".

I would thank her for loving Sophie so much that she gave her the chance for a life, and a future. Something tells me that Sophie will make for herself quite a future...

To: Sophie WuMei
from your Forever Mama
February 2008

Was there a full moon hanging high in the sky,
the Spring night when you were born?
And were you held tight in your China-Mama's arms...
Did she promise to keep you from harm?

And how many moons rose high in the sky and shone brightly overhead,
as you learned how to smile,
to crawl and to walk,
and were tucked safely each night into bed?

And was there a full moon on that night full of tears
as she kissed you and silently knew, 
that before the sun rose and a new day would dawn,
she would say good-bye to you.

And how many moons brightened the sky
in a world so scary and new? 
Did you wait in the silence and wonder
if ever a family would ever love you?

Now twelve moons have risen and shone in the sky
since the first time we saw your sweet smile. 
We filled out the many papers!
and prayed for you all the while.

We sailed through the sky, as high as the moon, 
closer and closer we flew.
We watched the sun set on the world we have known
as it rose in the world known to you.

Before one more moon rises high in the sky, 
before one more sun fades away, 
you will be our child, our light and our life, 
and we will never go away.

As each new moon rises for the rest of your life, 
remember this promise today:
You will forever be loved 
and held tight in my arms...

I love you, my Sophie WuMei.

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