Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A letter from Maeleigh

I was thrilled to open my email the other day and find a letter to us from WuShuang! Here is the actual letter so that you can see how she illustrated it, and then the translation. We are all so excited about it.
In the meantime we are moving along with paperwork, fingerprinting, medical reports, etc. Amazing how much we have to pull together...and a letter like this makes you do it even faster.

Dear Dad, Mom and Brothers and Sisters,

How are you? I am so glad to receive your letter!
I love this big family and love all of you!
It has made me very excited to know that my sister likes art and painting.  I like painting very much!
I hope to enjoy your warm family as soon as possible!

Wu Shuang


  1. Wow, what a wondferful gift!!! She sounds like such a beautiful, precious child!

  2. That is such an incredible gift to receive!!!! :) Blessings, Jennifer