Sunday, January 22, 2012


Our Lady of China, pray for us!

Well, we are officially booked for our flights, and were so thrilled to have a LOWER price for the flights than we were originally quoted.The travel agent said "You must have someone upstairs working for you!" I answered, "As I matter of fact, we do!"

Here is a synopsis of what our trip will look like:

Friday, Feb 24th: Newark fight to Beijing, fly 13 +hours and arrive in Beijing on  the 25th, a whole day later!

Sat, Feb 25th: Stay in Beijing overnight to get some rest

Sunday, Feb 26th : train to Tianjin, with our guide

Monday, Feb 27th: Meet Maeleigh WuShuang!!! (this is actually Sophie's 4th anniversary of her Family Day!!!)

Tuesday, Feb 28th: Sign paperwork, and take train to Beijing

Wed Feb 29th: Visit Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square (Matt and Mick and I were there, but it will be awesome for the girls to see

Thursday, March 1st : Visit Great Wall (Cable car!!!)

Friday:March 2: Our guide will go back to Tianjin to get Maeleigh's paperwork, when she arrives, we fly to Guangzhou, the next part of out trip!

Saturday, March 3rd: We will be in Guangzhou, where the US Consulate is.Maeleigh will have a medical exam and get a TB test. GZ's weather is more mild, like Florida, so we will be able to lose heavy coats and shed some layers!

Sunday, March 4th: Hoping to go to the local Catholic church, otherwise we have a free day!

Monday, March 5th Check TB test and possibly the Safari

Tuesday March 6th US Consulate appointment

Wednesday March 7: Maeleigh's visa gets picked up and we leave for Hong Kong for 1 night

Thursday March 8th: FLY HOME We leave Hong Kong about 12 am on March 8th and return home around 5 pm on March 8th...Can you say jet-lag?


  1. Ahhhh!! CONGRATS!! I can't wait to see her with you!

  2. so wonderful!!! are you flying back into Newark on the 8th! my flights from and back to
    Newark where great!