Saturday, February 5, 2011

A surprise 'gift'

I was so excited to get an email this morning from a man who had volunteered at WuShuang's orphange years ago. He wrote this:
   My name is Robert Moore II. I got your e-mail from the Yahoo group
tianjinfamilies. You  mentioned you were pursuing the adoption of Wu Shuang.
Congratulations!  If you have read some of the older posts, you will know that I
volunteered for about 8 years in the Tianjin CWI. In 2000, Wu Shuang was  one of
10 children who were taken by our organization into a "model  room". They still
lived in the orphanage (this is before foster care was even an option) but they
were cared for by ayis that we paid for and were given special attention by the
American physical therapist who worked there. This lasted about a year. We were
able to monitor her afterwards for several years and provided her the forearm
crutches she used to learn to walk. It is great to know that she will be
adopted. You are getting a  very special girl. I have attached a few photos.
Some of them are very  old, I think.They should be dated. Enjoy.


What a wonderful gift to be given these pictures and the beautiful note. For Wu Shuang, to have pictures of herself as a baby is a true gift, and we can see how adorable she was, and know that she was well taken care of.

What a cutie!!!!


  1. OH MY!!! What a fabulous gift!! :) What a cutie pie!

  2. WuShuang!! Priceless:)

  3. She's a cutie!! I know (well, know from the adoption bloggy world, not "know" personally) the other girl in that me if you need their contact info. gjmlogue @ yahoo . com
    God bless, Jennifer